We have a clear vision…

With thirteen years of practicing public relations, we have experienced in real time the evolution of communications. Just before our eyes, new platforms were born that gave place to new ways in which consumers perceive the brands’ messages. 

We witnessed the raising and evolution of the new consumers that transformed the marketing campaigns, forcing them to be more personalized and visible in multiple communication channels. 

Throughout this changes, we saw the reinforcement of a concept that –probably now more than ever – is mention in the hallways of agencies, corporations and startups: “Content is king”… Of course, in Espacio en medio, we have always known that.

… about what we love to do,

And even when we don’t pretend to “tell you a fairy tale”, we have always loved telling stories in every possible way, with or without words, yet full of content. It doesn´t matter if we use writing scripts or an experience to immerse your audience, from the pen of an acknowledged journalist, the video of a social influencer, or the words of the brand’s spokesperson.

Contents are our passion and we know how to create, mold, and place them where they belong.

how to make people love your brand,

From the story of the knife maker that organized a Cooperative to face a national crisis and thanks to his ingenuity created the “Original Swiss Army Knife”. Going through Mabel’s story that wanted to make her lashes prettier for her dream date and ended up creating the best sold mascara around the world. Towards mentioning all the reasons why “We Worth it”, and the story of two sisters tiered of getting so much printed publicity that decided to run a Startup to deliver them digitalized which now a days is present in 41 countries around the world. 

We know that behind every brand there is a story full of thrilling contents that if well told will make your audience fall in love with you.

and never lose the passion that we started with, of finding new ways

Yes, in thirteen years we have witnessed the transformation of things, we have seen the evolution of communications caused by the actors as well as new tools, and even though Content is still the king, there is always a new way of transmitting, telling and enchanting others, in Espacio en medio we insist on discovering, applying and refining them, always with a goal in mind: Your complete satisfaction.    


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